Thursday, October 11, 2018

Adminja vs HoneyBook for Virtual Assistants

Over the past month I have been setting up my systems and bringing in my team.

Being a software enthusiast, I put 11 programs through my process of non-scientific analysis. My approach has to do with what I am drawn to, what app calls out to me when I wake up in the pre-dawn hours and grab my device.

And then- what also provides me a command central when I sit down to dig in and get busy.

So, I have spent the last month trial-ing software, looking for a project manager / CRM to help me with logistics of sub-contracting some of the work I do for my clients, and an LMS (learning management system) to create training for other VAs. I tried Adminja, HoneyBook, 17hats, FreshBooks (and I really liked FreshDesk, too) and Podia, Patreon, Thinkific, Teachable.
Today it came down to HoneyBook vs Adminja

Fascinatingly enough, I also got to communicate with the founders of both programs today.



Truth be told - both systems are really amazing, and I am so excited to see that they are focusing on the human connections made by the technology that brings us ease and style.

Enjoying every moment,

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