Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Virtual Assistant Training

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The journey is full of hardship, as are most voyages. Things in my personal world are tense- the stuff of life crowds in around and pulls at me, as I center myself and focus on my goals.

For all the moms who find themselves in a place that they cannot move from. Whether is it physical or mental, if you feel hemmed in- unable to grow, much less blossom- know that there is hope. We live in a time like no other.

"She believed she could... and so she did." It really is that simple.

Sneak peek of my new Podcast Cover
September was all about getting set up. My clients were starting their seasons- two are new to DSP, two are new studio owners, 1 has a new baby on the way. Fresh beginnings call for new systems (ok everything calls for a new system)- and new systems allow us the opportunity to streamline, become more efficient and ease our workflow. I am learning the rhythms of my clients and getting in sync with their needs.

In October I will focus on
  • training new VAs
  • reviewing a couple apps (Adminja or Honeybook, what will it be? Tune in next post and find out! I have been in trial for both, and have calls scheduled with their support people)
  • launching my podcast
  • keeping up with the courses I am enjoying (currently working on Podcast Production) with VAClassroom 
  • bringing on two more clients
If you'd like to chat with me - about being a VA, hiring a VA (me or someone I can recommend if your needs are such) or empowering women to thrive, not just survive, please reach out to me by commenting below or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Messenger.

And I am proud to announce that my lovely daughter is following in both my footsteps and her grandfather's. My father-in-law was a graphic designer back in the day, she has his artistic talent and a passion for the digital arts. And she is learning how to be a freelancer already. 

Thanks for stopping by. May the force be with you.

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