Thursday, October 25, 2018

Building the Machines

Successful Systems

Creating systems is one of my favorite things to do. I love looking at how things work, how they are not working and what can be done to fix the breaks, streamline the workflow and capture ALL the data. Without data it's all just guesswork.

My motto is "Try all the Things!" So I am compulsively downloading and signing up for free trials and putting them through my process. This month I have tired 4 Project Management, 3 Accounting, 3 Email Marketing and 3 e-course platforms (I really need to find the time to share my experiences with all these apps - so many apps, so little time).

Tiffany Bellah, VA 

For my own personal "side hustle" I have been setting up a system that will allow me to bring on more clients, and subcontract some of the tasks I do- offering work to other moms with wifi and attention to detail, an aptitude for tech - and a willingness to wait as I grow.

Systems & Support
Slack, with integrations - Workast and Tracking Time are a nice trio for systematization and record keeping. And I am using Zapier to automate some of the information flow.
Iteration 1, done.

Training & Development
Facebook and Slack are set for internal T&D, and I have two subcontractors currently going through my first training session.
Iteration 1, in process.

Thinkific, an ecourse platform- with room to grow- is for my external T&D. I threw a course up and got a few leads, but it is definitely not what I want my online learning options to look like.
Iteration 1, done.

Sales & Marketing
HoneyBook and MailChimp are the selections I have made for keeping up with all the possibilities and opportunities.
Iteration 1, stalled a little.

Dance Studio Pro

Today is the day I have the big talk very short chat with one of the Co-Presidents of Dance Studio Pro. For about a month and half, I have been contracted to provide email support to their users- and the plan has been for me to move into full time and grow my role.

It's been interesting to say the least. Going from Invisible (radical transparency, lots of meetings, over communication through many channels) to DSP (zero visibility on growth plans, occasional texts, no communication channels created) has me itching to get in there and take over!

After reading up, and absorbing all the great advice from two of my favorite SaaS companies Typeform  ( and Zendesk ( I am rearing to go!!

We will see what their vision is and I will begin driving forward with my Strategic Plan, adjusting it to fit their Mission & Values as I learn more. I know I am the right person for this role, I have the right mix of experience, personality, passion and opportunity.

Iteration 1 - let's go!!

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